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The AMO Team, lead by our MD Paul Amoroso has 19 years practical experience in security and ordnance engineering, working in the development, improvement and implementation of risk mitigation measures for national and international clients.


We operate under the principle that with knowledge comes understanding and in turn empowerment to safely manage weapons and ammunition as well as prepare for and react to explosive hazards and threats

Knowledge. Understanding. Empowerment.

Amo can develop and deliver best spoke Personal Security Awareness Training (PSAT) and Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) as fits the clients’ needs, for both personnel deployed operationally in the field those required to visit field locations and those managing personnel operating in the field. AMO PSAT and HEAT are designed to enable safe operations and access through a risk managed approach. AMO has a balanced team with extensive experience and World Class qualifications with acute awareness of the need to account for each organization’s unique needs, operational commitments, operating models, culture, and resource envelopes.

For more information or inquiries on how AMO may support you with your PSAT and or HEAT needs contact us at: info@amo-consultancy.com

The AMO team can draw on an extensive cadre of personnel with experience across the spectrum of EOD activities as shown per the UN EOD spectrum which AMO developed when working on the development of the UN Military EOD manual. AMO can support clients with EOD advice as well as practical capability delivery from basic to advanced and specialized using a long-term capability development model.

For more information or inquiries on how AMO may support you with your EOD needs contact us at: info@amo-consultancy.com

AMO has extensive international expertise in the assessment, development and implementation of Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) initiatives with military, national security, government entities and civil society organizations at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. With experience of working with partners on small and large projects at local, national, and regional levels, AMO can engage with clients to best suit their assessed needs in effectively addressing the threat posed by the use or threatened use of IEDs through a risk managed approach.

For more information or inquiries on how AMO may support you with your C-IED needs contact us at: info@amo-consultancy.com

Amo has extensive experience at both practical operational and high-level policy advice levels on Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM). AMO has worked in Europe, the Middle East, North and East Africa with national authorities the League of Arab States and the United Nations in applying international guidelines such as the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATGs) and the Modular Small Arms Implementation Compendium (MOSAIC) as well as working within arms control in support of the UN POA and the ITI. This experience ideally places AMO to support clients in the development of practical WAM practices, processes, and procedures for clients through a risk managed approach. This covers a complete life cycle managed approach from manufacture or delivery through transport, storage, service support and to use or disposal.

For more information or inquiries on how AMO may support you with your WAM needs contact us at: info@amo-consultancy.com

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